Lexie & Russ


March 2, 2019

How did Russ, an outdoorsy engineer from Maryland propose to his bride to be. Lexie says “The weekend before December 15th, we decorated our Christmas tree. We realized as we were putting the tree up that I had no ornaments. The morning of the 15th, we did our normal Saturday morning breakfast coffee routine and he handed me a box that was flat and said, “here’s an ornament for the tree, since you don’t have any.” The ornaments said, “Our First Christmas Engaged.” He then got down on one knee. :)” Russ recalls Lexie’s sister hinting at ring styles that Lexi may like months prior. He says that when he asked her she started sobbing and that scared him because he wasn’t sure if it was sobbing because she was happy or sobbing because she was going to say no! Luckily, she was thrilled.

In the short time Bob and I have spent with them, we can tell that Lexie and Russ are so right for each other. They both have an amazing sense of humor and Russ can make Lexie laugh pretty much on demand! They both have a love for the outdoors and of course each other, so it was only fitting that their engagement and wedding day have a rustic, outdoor theme. We chose Kinder Farm park because it has exactly what they are looking for. I love the Alpacas there because every time I hit the shutter on my camera they coming running to pose. Unfortunately they were in an area today that we couldn’t access them (boo!).

Bob and I are looking forward to this #NLightsCouple July wedding at Pine Ridge Farm in Pennsylvania~

  1. […] They are classy, caring and completely head over heals with each other. I really enjoyed watching them interact and be so REAL with each other. They also know how to be laid back, have fun and laugh. These traits (as any married person knows) are the ones that will get you through any tough times.  Russ proposed in a cozy, intimate way with an ornament for their Christmas Tree (you can read more about it with their engagement session HERE .) […]

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