Julie & Mike Engaged


June 19, 2021

The Couple

Julie and Mike met the way a lot of our couples meet, on a dating app. They met in 2019 after both Mike and Julie were both feeling like giving up on relationships for a while. Luckily, they hung in there and found each other.  They chatted via text for about a month prior to meeting in person. They had long conversations with no awkward silences and thought it was too good to be true. As it usually does when you’re having fun, time flew right on by. Julie suspected Mike may proposed in 2021, however, he completely surprised her on October 17th, 2020. They spent the day thrift shopping and then, in the evening, they went to Rye Street Tavern. While there, Mike asked someone to take a photo of them, then turned and asked her to marry him! I love true surprise proposals!

The Session

In true summer fashion, the weather can be fantastic or humid and raining. We lucked out with a gorgeous, low humidity day. When they arrived we chatted about the cicadas since the cicada 17 year emersion is coming to an end. Mike’s face lit up (odd for anyone around these parts. They have piercing sounds and are everywhere). That’s when I found out that Mike knows a lot about them. He is an insect biologist (there may be a more technical term for it, but that’s how I remember it), with a PH.D. So, of course, I had so many questions about the cicadas. Julie is a hair stylist in Ellicott City. Her glamor shines through and sense of classic style in this session. I am IN LOVE with her turquoise dress! We chatted with them about our trip to Jackson, Wyoming and the bears we got to see during the trip (complete with pictures). We love engagement sessions because it allows everyone to really get to know each other prior to their wedding day!

Congrats on your engagement! We can’t wait to capture your wedding at the Turf Valley Resort next June!


Jamie and Bob

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