Tanya & Josh Married


July 3, 2021

The Couple

Josh and Tanya have a lot in common. Other than each other, they both love diving! They visit Roatan often for diving trips. Tanya owns a company called Submerged. While on a trip to Roatan, Summer Dawn sang at the Grand Roatan hotel. This was different than every other time she performs because Josh sang the closing song- “Would You Go With Me” by Josh Turner (I can’t imagine him singing and should have asked him to recreate it, lol!) and ended the song by changing the words to “would you marry me”?  The ring he gave Tanya is a gorgeous yellow gold ring that was Josh’s mom’s.  Tanya is beautiful inside and out! When I first spoke to her on the phone, I could just tell how wonderful she was. We really connected and that got me excited for their wedding day! Check out their engagement session HERE

The Wedding

The wedding took place at our favorite venue, Pine Ridge Farm. I know Josh through the fire service. Believe it or not, this is the first wedding I have taken on with someone from the department I work for full time! When we arrived at Pine Ridge, it was great weather! A little overcast, 75 degrees and not humid, which is atypical for an east coast summer day. Tanya curled her hair for the wedding. She was shocked with how much she loved it because this was the first time she has ever curled it! The gorgeous bouquet from Homestead Weddings and Events arrived about the same time as Tanya’s Dog of Honor, Jack.  Sadly, the farm dog, Buddy, just passed away recently. We felt like Buddy was channeling through Jack the way he was wandering around the barn searching for food.

Josh and Tanya opted for a first look! This was particularly an excellent choice because there was a strong thunderstorm that came in just after the wedding! We would have needed to adjust schedules or embrace the rain for their portraits (I don’t think they would have minded).  What does come after a storm, however, is a beautiful sunset. The energy at the reception was palpable. Josh and Tanya had their first dance, a huge roasted pig came in and the dinner was served. The dancing always needs a little push for everyone to get out there. That push at this wedding was Brian Doyle. I went through recruit school with Brian 17 years ago so to see him in this element was entertaining to say the least. Guests mingled in and out and the night finished with a sparkler exit. Fitting for the 3rd of July!

Josh and Tanya will be taking their honeymoon to Roatan when Josh is finished with the police academy. He is working toward being a fire investigator for the department.

This wedding was made possible by the following vendors:

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