Mary & Stephanie Married!


May 20, 2023

The Couple

As told by Mary and Stephanie:
We met playing kickball in Hampden. After games teams would go to a bar to socialize and play flip cup. Steph spotted Mary during a round of flip cup and afterwards came up and talked to her. Mary had no idea Steph was gay so it took a few weeks before they finally went on their first date.
Our 4th anniversary happened to fall on the day that we moved into our current house. We spent all day moving furniture and then decided to go to dinner to celebrate. Steph proposed in the bedroom right before dinner, it was a total surprise! And then dinner turned out to be a surprise party with our friends and family. A few weeks later, Mary sent Steph on a scavenger hunt all around Baltimore to places that were special.  Each location had a note with a story from their relationship and it ended with Mary proposing to Stephanie at their house.  You can see their engagement session HERE!

The Wedding

It originally showed rain in the forecast for a majority of the day, but as it got closer, the forecast improved. We brought umbrellas just in case!  Mary and Stephanie opted to not see each other before the wedding. They both got ready in the same house, but different locations which took some coordination. Their bridal party was AH-Mazing and helped with so much (not to mention they were the best dressed brides-people we have seen!). The wedding was held in the upper portion of the barn at Bethlehem Farm. The temperature was perfect and the rain held out. They exchanged the sweetest vows to each other and a family member read the speech by President Obama when gay marriage was made a Federal law. Not a dry eye in the house as everyone was thankful for how wonderful it is that we live in a society that allows you to marry the person you love regardless of their gender or status. “Shift in hearts and minds is possible. And those who have come so far on their journey to equality have a responsibility to reach back and help others join them, because for all of our differences, we are one people, stronger together than we could ever be alone. That’s always been our story” (Barack Obama, 2015).

The reception had a live band and a RAFFLE! Mary was so excited to do a 50/50 (as you will see in the pictures). She even did a big check presentation to the winner! It was such a unique and fun way to get guests involved! Even though it rained at the end of the night, they danced it away in love and happiness!

#LoveIsLove #StephGotMaryed

This Wedding was Made Possible by the Following Vendors

  1. Stephanie Leach says:

    The photos are so beautiful! You really captured the excitement, love and rowdiness of our wedding day. Thank you so much.

  2. Shirley Purcell says:

    Beautiful pictures of a absolutely beautiful wedding…love you my favorites!! Aunt Shirley

  3. Sherrie Friedman says:

    I just love the two of you. Watching your love blossom into a bouquet of beautiful love. May your love constantly grow throughout your lives. ❤️ 💙 💜 💘 ❤️ 💙

  4. Susan L HUERBIN says:

    Mary and Stephanie, beautiful photos

  5. Susan L HUERBIN says:

    Mary and Stephanie


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