Omisanmi Maternity | Allen’s Pond

I have known Kellee and her family for a long time! (We are talking school age!) She and her husband AK have created a beautiful family of….boys!  She is definitely the epitome of #BoyMom! They tried for one more and when Lord blessed them with a little girl! Due June 11, she will become the baby and only girl to the family making it complete :).   Her boys are rambunctious, sweet and oh so adorable! They know baby girl’s name, and I think they already know they will be big protectors!  Check out some of their session below.

Amy is One! | Kinder Farm Park

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie and family last year when they contacted me for a photoshoot. We live super close to each other. I met Amy when she was just a few months old (she was a ham for the camera even then!) . So I was honored when Katie asked me to take her first birthday photos before they move away (boo!!) Check them out below 🙂



John & Shari Married | White Marsh Maryland

The Couple:

This love story is about second chances, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans and learning to dance in the rain (literally).  Shari has an almost teenage daughter Sadie. John and Shari met and through time fell in love. Shari said she never thought she would marry again until she met John.  Judging only by how I saw them look at each other, interact and how easy it was to capture their glowing affection for each other, I would have to say that she definitely got it right this time. During the intimate ceremony, John gave a necklace to Sadie to show his commitment and love for her in his new role. She was so thankful and as most in the room, emotional. People say it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day.  Some brides literally think it’s the end of the world and brides like Shari? Well, they have experienced life, love and loss and learned to embrace the rain and just dance in it.  Shari and John will be dancing through life together.

The Wedding:

On the day of the wedding, I had never laid eyes on the bride, Shari.  I know that I have the ability to get people warmed up and trusting in a short period of time so it didn’t concern me as much as it did her 🙂 . Either way she trusted me with one of the most important days of her life and I was going to make sure I captured every moment of it!  Another bride, gave Bob and I a gift of talk around radios that really came in handy! They were amaze! Bob was down 4 floors and I could talk to him!

At the reception there was an adorable cake topper with a bride and groom in a boat. They love to go boating together. When it was time for the garter, John said to me “well I guess I am going to go fishing”.  It was sweet and fitting giving this couple’s love for the water.

Congrats Shari John and Sadie!  May you always look back and remember the magic that happened on May 18, 2018.


Chloe’s Senior Portraits | Visionary Art Museum

Chloe is a bit shy 🙂 Once she warms up though she has a magnificent smile and gorgeous hair (she should! Her mom owns an amazing salon!) She is getting excited to graduate. With a passion for art/photography and a plan to go to community college to expand on that, her time as a high schooler is coming to an end.  We met at the visionary art museum. So fitting for her personality.  The whole family came to the sesh. Mom, Dad and kid sister Sophia! We laughed, climbed a ridiculously steep hill just to get to an amazing view! Congrats Chloe! You’re going to rock the next phase of your life!


Hall Maternity | Ft. Smallwood Park

Tony and Monica already have one adorable little guy in their life, but decided for a table for four instead of three. They are overjoyed that Sebastian is going to be a big brother to a.. baby boy! Sebastian was super shy of my camera and lights, but we were able to sneak some shots in anyway 🙂 . Monica’s must haves for this session were landscape views and no black/white images!