A Kevin + Brooklyn Christmas | Hemlock Tree Farm

Okay, so I wasn’t going to blog any of my sessions from October until now because we have been super busy with sessions (YAY!), however, I can not justify allowing these two little’s pics to go unseen with how precious they are! This is my third Christmas shooting this twinsie duo and this is my favorite session yet. Kevin has one heck of a sense of humor and sweet Brooklyn is just adorable and loving. They kept shouting during the pictures “its a Kevin and Brooklyn Christmas!!!!! I truly enjoy being their photographer and love watching them grow!  I have a special place in my heart for twinsies given that my boy/girl loves are 6 years old!

It is SO VERY HARD to shoot at a tree farm unless you own one or know someone who does. I called around to every tree farm I could find and everyone said the same thing… “We get between 60-70 requests from photographers every year so we no longer allow for them to shoot sessions at our facility”.  When I contacted Hemlock Farm, they said basically the same thing, BUT they did allow us to shoot a session as long as it was during the day, during the week and I had to give them notice of the date and time first. I was so excited!  So, this is the only tree farm session I have this year, but I am hoping I can get more families to take a day to get their picture taken here next year because it is a DREAM!! Go to the farm, cut down your tree and then go to Annapolis Mall and see Santa!


Augustus, Jessica & Kevin | Kinder Farm Park

This is one of my favorite stories of how I met a client. I work as a Fire Captain for a local department. Last year, we had a citizen drive to the front of our firehouse frantically upset because he saw a small kitten stuck in the engine compartment! We quickly went to work to rescue the little guy. We were successful.  He was uninjured, dirty and scared. We affectionately nicknamed him “pickles the fire cat” after the famous book. We called Animal Control to pick him up. Jessica was the worker who responded. She cleaned him (we found out that pickles was actually a white cat) and in a short 24 period, he was adopted. Jessica and I stayed in touch through the year.

She contacted me about taking pictures of her rescue dog, Augustus.  (which is the best thing ever since we met over a rescue cat!) I couldn’t wait. Last minute she asked if she and her boyfriend, Kevin, could also get pics with their new pup.  We met at Kinder Farm Park where I realized that I knew her boyfriend Kevin from work! (Small world!).  I was accompanied by Courtney Baker (of Courtney Baker Photography) where we tag teamed this session to capture their true personalities. Gus is the BEST dog and he is very happy with his owners. He enjoys sitting on benches, tolerates sweaters and doesn’t really like throwing leaves. He loves his white play ball and doggy treats!  We really enjoyed capturing his personality and the three of them before it gets too cold 🙂

The Kelly Family | Kinder Farm | Peyton Bre

I was lucky to meet Jenn Kelly at a holiday vendor event in Bowie a few years ago. We became “facebook” friends then we became “real” friends, lol!  where we actually saw each other in person and our kids played together 🙂 .  Her daughter, Rylee is 7 and Deklan is 8.  They are close in age to my boy/girl twins 🙂 . In fact, Rylee and Madelyn wear the same size clothes.  Jenn and Tim have been married almost 10 years!  You can tell his ability to keep her laughing is a key to their happy marriage.  I was so excited when Jenn booked us for her fall family session because I knew it was going to be amazing! They are a super fun and relaxed group and it helps that I interact with Jenn regularly.

Jenn is also a very passionate business woman. She is an ambassador for Peyton Bre. It is a little girls clothing line with the most adorable, fashionable and reasonably priced items (I know because my daughter, Madelyn owns just about everything Jenn sells, lol!) . Her facebook is East Coast Loft featuring Peyton Bre.  Some pictures of her daughter Rylee wearing some of the fashionable clothes are at the end of the blog 🙂

You can join the private facebook group HERE

You can also check out her website HERE

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Steph + Dan Married |Bleues On The Water, MD

Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Steph describes how they met and their sweet proposal:

”Danny and I first met in high school back in 2001. We date for almost 3 years and went separate ways when I (Steph) went to college. We kept in touch throughout the years for birthdays and holidays. We occasionally would see each other in passing at sporting events and were always friendly to one another. After grad school I moved back home (2010) and was living w/ my parents for a few years to save up some money to move out. Even though I had been home for a few years before Danny and I actually met to have drinks we would occasionally have small talk via text or social media. One day I received a text from Danny asking if we could meet for a drink and catch up. I said yes and those few drinks and great conversation led us to here 🙂 It’s hard to believe that after almost 11 years of just small talk and friendship we still had a connection w/ one another. We are very different people and I think that’s what makes us so great together. I’m loud, outgoing and very social while he is reserved, quiet and low key. We compliment each other well and have such a great history. We’ve been together over 5 years now and I never thought I would get to marry my absolute best friend. Danny is my biggest supporter and always takes care of me, I have such trust and hope for our marriage 🙂 Our Proposal It was very private, modest and old-fashioned proposal. I think Danny had a lot more planned and everything kind of went south from the time we checked into our hotel. Danny took me away for my birthday to a small B & B in Deale, MD but when we arrived they didn’t have a reservation for us. After a lot of discussion they somehow were able to accommodate us w/ the last room available. It was supposed to be a water front room but instead we were facing the gravel parking lot of a boat marina. Along w/ this, the weather was +90 degrees and the pool was overflowing w/ at least 20 to 30 10 year olds doing cannonballs! We had a very nice lunch and dinner but soon learned that everything in the small town of Deale closes at 10pm. We attempted to have a night cap at the hotel bar but after dropping our food off in our room and upon returning to the bar it had “closed early”. We went for a small walk along the pier outside of the resort that was all of 10 minutes long b/c there were only 20 boats to see. We spent the rest of the evening upstairs in our room watching “John Wick”, which I had not seen. Right before going to bed he asked if I wanted my birthday present and when I looked up he was down on one knee w/ the ring. Our celebratory drink consisted of a small bottle of prosecco that Danny had no desire to drink.”

They have one fur-baby “nugget” a femal yellow lab and they are going to Negril, Jamaica staying at Azul Resort for their honeymoon later this month!

The Wedding:

Steph and Danny got married at Bleues on the water in Glen Burnie, Maryland. I loved the fall foliage, large dock, boat house pavilion (where the wedding took place) and the water. The brides color were green, gray and blush. A beautiful accent to the background and really looked gorgeous on the bridesmaides! The bridal sweet was light and airy and the girls were ready to get the show on the road! They were so helpful, energetic and supportive of Steph on her big day. When they saw her in her dress for the first time, it brought tears to their eyes.  The dress was made for Steph! While upstairs getting ready, the guys were downstairs. We could hear they cheering and carrying on. It’s so funny how different guys and gals get ready for weddings, lol!

Steph and Dan opted for a first look. I love these! She had her dad walk her down to the walkway where she would call Dan’s name to see her in her dress. His face was priceless and they embraced right away. She showed him the back of the dress in a true “Steph” way (you will see in the pictures).  The rain held off long enough for a beautiful ceremony (perfect temperature) and formal pics. It started to rain just as they came in for their grand entrance. During the salad being served, Dan and Steph were amazing sports and went out to the dock with Bob and I to get soaking wet, but capture some breathtaking images int he rain!  I laughed so much at this wedding. There was so much love, support and fun in the air! It was contageous!

The Details:

  • Dave (day of coordinator- Bleues on the Water)
  • DJ Mattie Fresh – (301)- 370- 9136O (One of the BEST DJ’s we’ve had at an event!)
  • Dave Burns
  • Bleues
  • Bleues
  • Cameo Bridal Salon (Glen Burnie MD)
  • Maggie Sottero “Hope”
  • Up dos for the I do
  • Up dos for the I do
  • Bleues
  • Uber 🙂

Morgan + Nick Engaged | Quiet Waters Park, MD

Nick and Morgan

Nick and Morgan have been engaged for almost a year! They have a date set for their wedding and reached out to us to capture their big day! We were so excited to meet them and get to know their story! Morgan is just as bubbly and sweet as I imagined from our emails and texts and Nick…. he was a little shy (at first! As most grooms are), but he warmed up after a bit.  I asked him to “nuzzle” for one of my poses and he thought the word was pretty funny. So we spent the rest of the session trying to find another word for “nuzzle”.  We finally settled on snuzzle lol! Which is a blend of snuggle and nuzzle. Hey, whatever works lol!!  Nick is a true gentlemen. He and Morgan walk holding pinky’s instead of hands. Almost like “pinky promises”.  It’s so sweet! 

We saw deer close by as we went down to the water at Quiet Waters Park. Once the session was over, Morgan said she has Crohn’s Disease.  I stopped in my tracks and said “ME TOO!”.  She was nervous about the session and I was nervous about shooting it. It is a feeling people with Crohn’s Disease get before they do something important and can actually flare our disease.  We have SO MUCH in common and I really think we were both at ease that we understand how the other one feels. I believe that I was destined to be with her the entire day of her wedding (talk about a stressful day!) to help her manage her symptoms and be there for her for more than just photography! Morgan, we can’t wait to be apart of this journey with you and Nick! We are so thankful for you and are very excited about your wedding day! 

Emily & Earl Married | Kentmorr Restaurant MD

{We aren’t fans of watermarks. You are more than welcome to share our blog and images, but please give the photographer credit}

Earl and Emily

Emily says “We met on a dating app and talked for about 10 hrs straight the first day. After talking for a few weeks, we had our first date at the Baltimore Museum of Art. It was Earl’s idea since he knows I love art”.  Emily cares for people as she is an EMT. Earl recently lost his grandmother, but you could feel her presence in the reception.  So much love for two people! They are in Orlando (Disney and Epcot) for their Honeymoon!  The magic didn’t stop after the ceremony!

The Wedding

Earl and Emily had an engagement session with me a few weeks ago. The weather was beautiful. They lucked out on their wedding day too! It was breezy, sunny and we got a pretty spectacular sunset! The venue was perfect for their intimate ceremony and reception, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. They honored that with their crab knockers as party favors. The morning of the wedding, Emily was calm and collected. She soaked up every minute of the wedding day.  Her something blue was her shoes, which didn’t last long, lol!  She took them off almost immediately and put on slippers that matched her wedding colors.  The sun poured in the windows at the Kentmorr Restaurant. Family gathered to celebrate two people who, as they say, are destined for each other!

The Details

Photographer: Northern Lights Photography : Jamie Howarth

Venue:  Kentmorr Restaurant

  • Tammy Haper, Kentmorr Restaurant
  • Fred Helms, DJ Musical Experience
  • Michael Seneco (friend of bride)
  • Peace of Cake, Kent Island
  • kukka.com




Bo + Reuben Married | Fort Indiantown Gap PA

{We aren’t fans of watermarks! If you wish to share the images, please be sure to give the photographer credit.} 

Mr & Mrs. West

Bo is a teacher and Reuben is a linemen. Bo and Reuben met at Outback Steak House. Bo went to see her sister in law and Rueben was sitting at the bar waiting for his food. After talking to Sara,  Rueben decided to start talking to Bo. Two hours later and a couple shots, Rueben was tripping over his bar stool to try to kiss Bo. They decided to meet up again and the rest is history.  Reuben has 3 beautiful daughters- Haley, Maddie and Savannah. Bo is over the moon excited to take them as her family! In return, the West’s can’t wait to have Bo and her dog Hazel in their lives as well 🙂 Bo and Reuben plan on celebrating their honeymoon in Maui in June, 2019

The Wedding 

Bo is a part of a HUGE family!  Bob and I have shot a family wedding before so we are used to the dynamics.  More so (as you will see in some of the pics), Bob grew up with Bo’s fam.  So much love, so much noise, so much fun! Two special people couldn’t make it, Reuben’s father and Bo’s brother due to illness and military obligation. They were still in some of the pics though and thought of as they decided to put their heads on sticks lol!

As expected, Bo and Reuben’s theme was rustic. I can’t imagine it any other way. Bo had on a gorgeous lace dress with simple details and green/blue cowgirl boots. Reuben made a comment at one point that he was jealous that Bo could wear cowboy boots and he couldn’t, lol!  There was fall foliage, beautiful leaves and….rain (rained the last time we shot a wedding for this family too:)! I love the rain because it allows me to get even more creative with my images. Bo and Reuben were the perfect couple for this setting because Bo gave me permission to shoot outside no matter the weather for some pretty amazing images!  Around the reception site were sayings about linemen and teachers customized to their personality. Instead of a guest book, they had wood Jinga pieces for guests to put their well wishes on.

I didn’t really “pose” Reuben and Bo. There was no need to. Their smiles, genuine love for each other and joy for each other’s company made it super easy for me to just capture the moments!  The story will tell itself in these images.  The West’s sealed their marriage with… Whiskey! The perfect way to seal it if you ask me!

The Details

  • Mark Ferra
  • Dennis Wade
  • Erica Mattiuz
  • Chester Pertarshine and family
  • Guen Brigit (Makeup and Bridesmaid hair)
    Christi Mcormick (Bride’s hair)
  • Shades of Pink

  Sealed With a Kiss! …then Whiskey! 

Reuben’s Daughter’s Savannah, Maddie and Haley Can We All Have Someone Love Us This Much??   

Sarah & Donny Engaged | Historic Savage Mill

The Couple

Donny and Sarah are both from Maryland, but they met in Arkansas! I feel like this is when you know that you were destined to be! He enjoys playing music and won Sarah’s heart.  With over a foot difference in height between them, they learned to adapt and have the cutest interactions during our photo session.  Sarah’s makeup and hair was done to perfection by Kara Whirls!

Sarah contacted me for a meeting at Starbucks in Annapolis since they plan on getting married at the Chart House. When we met, we hit it off immediately. We talked about life, the upcoming wedding, her gorgeous ring, her fiancé Donny and their pups!  On the day of the engagement session, they got to meet Bob and we decided once the shoot was over that we would grab some dinner at the nearby Rams Head.  I learned a lot about the differences and similarities between them during this.  Donny loves chocolate and Sarah isn’t really into sweets.  They hold hands every where they go (which is super adorable!).  I learned that they are all about an intimate wedding setting and really focusing on each other. They have the perfect mindset for a magical wedding day!  I also got to sit in a Fiat for the first time and found out just how roomy they are!!

We are so excited to capture our new friend’s wedding day!  Looking forward to May!

Amanda + Kyle Engaged |Downtown Annapolis

Amanda and Kyle are into Harry Potter, the color purple, Downtown Annapolis and, of course, each other 🙂 . He is an accountant and she works at a daycare. Kyle gives Amanda a certain smile on her face with his silliness.  She keeps him grounded.  Kyle proposed to Amanda at the docks in Annapolis which made their engagement session even more meaningful.  Amanda’s ring is a gorgeous Amethyst, which is perfect for their love! Deep and meaningful.  From sword fights to snuggles, these two were meant to be! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next fall in Annapolis!



Rebecca + Brian Married | Kent Manor Inn Stevensville


Rebecca says: Brian and I met at work. Brian was my instructor while I was going through the Baltimore County Fire Department Academy. We worked together here and there after the academy a few times. Brian then was a support instructor during my Firefighter 1 class where he began to pursue me. He thought I blew him off after I said no when he wanted to take me out for my birthday (i was having a bad day). I then asked him to go on a fish charter to go fishing with me, my captain, and people I did not know. We talked for hours while day drinking on the boat. I was the only one who caught a fish that day. We have been together ever since. We go engaged while celebrating our one year anniversary.  We both came into the relationship with a dog. I have a lab/mastiff mix named Nevar and Brian has a German Sheppard named Zeus. My parents have kept Nevar since I moved in with Brian and Zeus does not like animals.

They are going on a 7 day cruise to Bermuda out of NY!


Even though it is fall, it hasn’t felt like it…until the day of Rebecca and Brian’s wedding. It was cool, breezy and sunny!   This wedding was the most organized I have ever had the privilege of shooting! I send out a Bridal Magazine to my Bride’s and Rebecca followed every tip/trick that we suggested!  It made for a more relaxing, enjoyable day for everyone! She had a rosary from her grandfather as her “something old” wrapped around her bouquet so a piece of him could be with her. The couple opted for a first look. This gave them a few minutes to be alone in the moment and really take it all in.  Brian spun Rebecca around taking in every detail of her dress!  He loved the rose embellishments on the right side of her dress and commented about the pretty buttons going down the back.  They both cried and could be completely each other in the moment! IT WAS PERFECT! Once we finished with a few intimate portraits we came to the front of the Inn where their bridal party cheered for them! (SO FUN!).  The ceremony was romantic. Many women took advantage of the sweet gesture, scarves left out from Rebecca.  The reception had a fall feel to it!  The bride and groom opted to not have favors and instead donated the money to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation…a cause close to both of their hearts!  They had a surprise for their guests with Bag Pipers playing a few sets. The whole reception was standing around them while they were in awe! When it came time to cut the cake, you could see that Brian was going to be mischievous, but as a good husband, he let Rebecca smash first 🙂 The night ended with a sparker send off and two very in love people who are now MARRIED!


  • Ashley Clough/ Kent Manor Inn is supposed to supply a day of coordinator
  • Kofi Arhin
  • Shawn Wehland
  • Brian Murphy
  • Kirsten’s Cakery
  • Kent Manor Inn
  • Lily’s Bridal/ Davids Bridal
  • Nicole Manansala
  • Leanne Hall-Parr
  • My Flower Box Events (Kim Tyson)
  • Magneststreet.com